GEO COMPANY is a commercial brand registered at Patent Office of the Republic of Poland in 2008 as a property of Parendi Agata Romańska – Kistela service company document1.jpg, document2.jpg, document3.jpg].


GEO COMPANY provides a full range of geodetic services in the territory of the south of Poland and has completed some large projects for major development companies and construction works providers.


The main capital of our company is the workers. Our staff consists of graduates from prestigious Kraków universities, AGH University of Science and Technology and University of Agriculture in Kraków. Our young, talented and well-educated team of engineers is constantly improving its knowledge and skills in the area of implementing new measurement techniques under the tutelage of licensed land surveyors with a long work experience.


We aim to participate in projects which will allow our customers to gain benefits from their construction investment, thanks to combining our engineering knowledge with the latest measurement techniques (we use equipment of a Swiss Leica Geosystems company, e.g. precise robotic total stations TPS 1100 and TPS 1200, 1200+ GPS and precision code levels NA 3003 and DNA03).


Apart from providing engineering objects surveying work, in which we specialize, we also develop maps for design purposes, regulate legal status of real estates, including setting land borders and divisions, as well as draw up documentation for legal purposes.


A several years experience of our company, as well as quality of studies and a prompt completion of works allowed us to gain trust of numerous clients of all businesses taking part in construction process (developers, designers, geological companies and foundation reinforcement companies, ferroconcrete and steel works providers, public institutions), with whom we cooperate on a regular basis. All the above mentioned gives us a positive outlook for the future, as our company is perfectly prepared for handling various projects, both the minor ones for individual clients as well as large, unusual and complicate investments.


Our financial condition is stable, we participate in a Rzetelna Firma programme (Reliable Company programme) and our business is covered by professional indemnity insurance.



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