We assist our clients from the beginning of investment (providing materials for Determination of the Location of a Public Project (ULICP), maps for design purposes, divisions) through administration procedures (ZUDP - Team reconciliation project), current surveying works and assembly (from earthworks to elevations), until obtaining building acceptance for use (as-built site survey, certificate on premise separation).


Mapping and topographic surveys:

• map development for analogue and digital design purposes (in different scales) also on the closed territories of Polish National railway PKP

• map development for other purposes (e.g. water permit)

• post-construction measurements

• location of networks of underground utilities

• supplementary measurements

• spatial models

• staking out and stocktaking of line and cubature objects

• measurements of volume, surface etc


Measurement connected with land register:

• resuming, setting out and outlining plot borders

• borders, divisions and merger of plots

• preparing documentation for legal purposes

• checking legal status of real estate


Establishing, measurement and modernization of geodetic control networks


Investment surveying works:

• establishing horizontal and vertical control points

• establishing temporary benchmarks

• development of an additional investment map

• staking out construction objects for and in excavation

• staking out main points, axles, heights and other elements

• control measurements before concreting

• staking out axles and montage indicators on subsequent building floors

• surveying works of assembly of machine, device and constructions (control measurement of overhead crane)

• staking out roads - staking out routes of underground utilities network

• checking location and fall in underground pipes

• measurement of rooms and building deformation, buildings and ground

• measurement of verticality of elevator shaft, lofty and bulky buildings

• post-construction measurement of finished object for industry acceptance.


We are looking forward to cooperate and implement untypical projects requiring creativity, mobility and individual approach, not only in the field of geodesy.